Why Walesi?

Go Digital Today!

Watching your favourite programmes in sharp digital quality is an unmatched television viewing experience. Not only will your shows come to life with crystal clear visuals and rich sounds, Walesi gives viewers more choices with its free to air channels and no additional fees or contracts.

Walesi’s free to air television really means free. All you need is an affordable Walesi Set Top Box (STB) from an authorised Walesi retailer. It’s all in the box!

Our state-of-the-art technology and a wider range of free to air channel selections is only the beginning. The Walesi STB opens up a whole new world of digital video, allowing viewers to record live television so that they can play back their favourite programmes whenever they want.

How to Set-Up Your Walesi Box

Your Walesi Set Top Box will allow you to access all your favourites along with new and exclusive Walesi channels.

Important things about Walesi you need to know:

  1. To get started with Walesi, you will need to buy an official Walesi Set Top Box. If it’s not an official Walesi STB, you will not be able to tune into our great line up of channels.
  2. Walesi is broadcast over an ultra high frequency (UHF) spectrum. This means you need a television antenna that can pick up UHF frequencies. The vast majority of indoor antennas will not work, even if they read ‘made for Digital TV’. When in doubt, always look for the ‘Walesi Approved’ sticker and ask your installer to present their ‘Walesi Approved Installer’ card.