Frequently Asked Questions

What is Walesi?

Walesi Limited is a state-owned company founded by the Fijian Government in 2015 to oversee the transition from analogue to digital television across Fiji.

Walesi builds and manages the infrastructure necessary for this transition, and owns the technology, also called Walesi, that will give households access to digital television and broadband.

When you hear about people “getting Walesi” that means they now have digital TV.

Why is digital TV being introduced in Fiji?

Digital TV is being introduced to Fiji as part of the Fijian Government’s initiative to give all Fijians access to quality, digital free-to-air TV channels and expand broadband internet into rural and maritime areas.

Walesi will provide better access to information, especially for those in remote rural and maritime communities. It will further Fiji’s standing as an international telecommunications hub for the entire Pacific region, and will strengthen the climate resilience of Fiji’s infrastructure.

Why should I get Walesi?

Walesi offers you more TV channels, in better quality than analogue TV. You can access eight free-to-air channels now.

Walesi will change the way our children learn, opening up a new world of educational resources and information. Walesi will also allow households access to crucial and potentially life-saving information and updates during an emergency or urgent event.

Who can get Walesi?

Everybody can get Walesi. The Walesi infrastructure will deliver a digital broadcast signal to all of Fiji – including the remote islands and rural areas. This will be transformational for Fiji.

How do I connect to Walesi?

To connect to Walesi you will need a TV and a Set Top Box and a vertically polarised UHF antenna.

View our step by step guide on this website for more information.

What is a Set Top Box?

A Set Top Box is a small box-like device that connects to your TV antenna and gives you access to Walesi free-to-air.

How can I get a Set Top Box and what will it cost?

You can purchase a Set Top Box from any of the following retailers: Courts, Vinod Patel Home and Living, TFL, Rups Big Bear stores and Tappoo. Further retailers may be added in the future.

A Set Top Box instore will cost no more than $99.95. There is a subsidy available for low income families to ensure everyone has access to this technology.

Can I still use my current TV?

Yes. A Walesi Set Top Box is compatible with all older televisions, as long as they have an AV input. For the best user experience, we would recommend using an HDMI cable.

What channels does Walesi offer?

Walesi offers eight free-to-air channels.

The free-to-air channels currently include: FBC, FBC 2, FBC Plus, Fiji TV, Channel 2, MaiTV, Hope Channel, Parliament Channel.

For more information phone the Walesi helpline on 0800 321 6600 during business hours or email

How can I get a FREE Set Top Box?

We want to make sure everyone can access digital television, but we know for some families a Set Top Box will be unaffordable. You may qualify for a FREE Set Top Box in two ways.

Low income households that qualify for the Fiji Electricity Authority Monthly Electricity Subsidy Scheme also qualify for a FREE Set Top Box. Visit our website homepage and enter your FEA Account number in the ‘FEA ACCOUNT HOLDER’ box to check if you qualify.

If you have a household annual income under $30,000, but do not qualify for the FEA subsidy, you may still qualify for a FREE Set Top Box. You need to complete our Walesi Subsidy Application. Once you have completed this we will give you an ID number. You can use this to check if you qualify on our homepage using the ‘WALESI SUBSIDY APPLICANT’ box.

For more information, please contact Walesi National Operations Centre, toll free on 0800 321 6600.

Can I still watch the free channels if I don’t have a Set Top Box?

For the time being yes but at some point… No, once Walesi comes to your area, the old analogue channels will no longer be available and you will need a Set Top Box to watch TV. Walesi digital TV will replace the old analogue TV service.

There are subsidies and options available to ensure Walesi is accessible for everyone. Please see the information under the question ‘How can I get a FREE Set Top Box?’

Can I install my Set Top Box myself?

Yes. The Set Top Box is simple to install – you just need an existing UHF antenna, or a satellite dish.

You will need a UHF antenna or a VHF-UHF combination antenna that is vertically polarised.

Older TVs with an AV input can also get a picture using the Set Top Box. You must ensure the antenna is pointing towards the nearest transmission site (your Set Top Box retailer can tell you where your nearest transmission site is).

If you cannot install it yourself, we recommend that you call your retailer where you bought the Set Top Box first, or, contact us for over-the-phone support on our helpline: 0800 321 6600. If you do not have an antenna you will need to have one installed.

What areas will have access to Walesi?

Our infrastructure will ensure that the Walesi signal reaches all of Fiji. That means all communities will have access to Walesi – even those that didn’t have analogue television before. We have built many transmission sites across Viti Levu and Vanua Levu and including smaller islands to make this happen. Connecting the unconnected.

Will there be more channels later?

The team at Walesi are looking at a range of opportunities for the future including new channels. Our focus for now has been on getting the Walesi platform and infrastructure all up and running. We will let you know when we have exciting news to share.